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    Any Success with Link Exchanges?
    I just put up a page on one of my sites where someone can send a request to me if they are interested in exchanging links.

    Have you had any success doing link exchanges with other related websites? I guess it can't hurt.

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    I have not had much luck exchanging Links.
    My niche site is top ten on Google for most of my keywords so I do not try hard these Days to exchange Links with anyone.

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    I don't really bother with link exchanges anymore. I used to do them if they would provide direct traffic, but there are much better ways to get traffic. The best way I've found is from blog writeups. This requires a very news-worthy site and great timing with a press release. If you can pull this off you can get quite a few links for free as other blogs pick up on the story and write their take on it. Its really just a matter of being relevant and on top of the hot topics. For example right now if you release a shopping site with an accompanying iPhone app right before the holidays there's a good chance you'll get a writeup. Another example is announcing a Facebook Connect-enabled site during the same week Facebook officially launches it. It's all about timing.

    - Scott
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    Ya, I think before they were invaluable, but now, just an incoming link is suppose to be the best for SEO.

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