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    We need a change, we really do.
    First of all, a BIG Hello to all merchants, moderators, Senior members, members, Affiliate Managers, affiliates and visitors who are reading this thread.

    As a new merchant and a new affiliate, I can see both sides of the coin. Considering I'm new to both sides, please do not take my message in negative way and lets try to find and work on solutions to the problems we encounter in this industry.

    As an affiliate, I find that a lot of people are interested in earning online by promoting products, however, they don't have the right tools to do so. Most affiliates end up buying packages, scripts, running wordpress blogs and so (which actually works pretty nicely for a few smart people, but that didn't work for me for x,y,z reasons).
    Then a few get lucky and find ABW and similar quality forums or find programs like GoldenCAN. There are a few who love getting deeper into this and love finding their own ways of promoting products. They research a lot, learn programming, do everything the hard way. Then winning the SE is a different game which is pretty tough for affiliates, merchants and who ever makes living off the internet.
    Edited: I have always battled my mind to concentrate on a niche or target a big category. I have found, finding a niche which has good number of searches is a very tough job. But then focusing on a larger market has a different set of requirements and a BIG competition awaits.

    As a merchant, I understand that it is not easy to first of all develop a professional portal and then organize employees, policies, products, coupons, manage affiliates, provide seasonal promotional links, SE promotion, Blogs, press releases, company profiling, providing feed to affiliates and God knows what else. It is a tough job, no doubts.

    Then comes the Search Engines, the ever changing world of SEO wisdom. Keeping up with Search Engine demands and SEO requirements for rising high in the top 10 to get substantial traffic from Search Engines. Running paid campaigns - advertising through paid channels and social networking sites.

    We all understand, product feeds alone can't help rank up. Either an affiliate should invest time in adding value to the feed they get from merchants or some other methods need be designed to add more value to the feed affiliates utilize.

    I have seen a few websites/merchants who are already taking that extra step to help affiliates develop sites and sell products.
    One example, **********.com
    They have taken that extra step to empower their affiliates with ready-made sites.

    Another Example, I received an email from one of my merchants yesterday and on right side, they had provided link to ABW which I think is an exceptional thing to do. If I had known somehow about ABW two years ago, I would have been 10 steps ahead where I am right now. Familiarizing affiliates with helpful networks is something every merchant should do because thats where an affiliate's questions are answered.

    I'm sure, a lot of merchants take that extra step, may be even better than the examples I have provided, however, I am yet not aware of those merchants.

    I have a question here for merchants. What if an affiliate requests you to write content for him/her?

    I am pretty sure, most merchants will say that its not easy to manage thousands of affiliates, which is true. However, do you think having a content writer appointed for such tasks is good? I see a lot of merchants interact on ABW and they find a lot of value in being a member here because they can better understand the requirements of affiliate-world when they communicate directly with affiliates.

    I hope I have not given any biased views, I'm just trying to stay neutral and find better ways to promote products as well as increase the number of sales which is mutually beneficial to both - merchants and affiliates.

    I may add a few points in this post and will mark the additions so that the additions do not confuse you.
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