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    Launching new site in 09...looking to set up affiliate program

    We are a 65 year old publisher of maps located in the midwest. We are launching a new site that will carry digital images of our historic map library. We already have a network of distributors that sell our tangible products but want to get these same distributors "on-line" so that they can browse, search and sell all 4500 titles and 250,000 images.

    We're trying to figure out the best way to entice them to work with us.



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    Not sure what you're asking. If they are already your distributors, the hardest part is already done. If you create an affiliate program where the distributors can earn from online sales, why wouldn't they join if they have a website? Or am I missing the point?
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    Are they already online or are you looking for an argument to give them to entice them to GET a website?

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    I'm not sure how you interact with your distributors currently, but it seems that providing an online catalog [?] of your products would be a convenience feature that makes it easier for them to choose the products they want to stock. It should probably be marketed to them as such through your existing channels.

    If you desire to bring your current distributors on as affiliates, I think you should tread lightly. This may alienate the distribution channel. Perhaps promote your affiliate program to affiliate marketers rather than distributors of real goods (as opposed to digital products).


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    The point of my post is to understand how to go about setting up the online affilitate program. Maybe I should have asked for specifc software recomendations.


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    There are many ecommerce software solutions out there such as aff commerce but you probably should check out a review site to compare and see what is the best fit for your business. Instead of going it alone have you considered any of the top affiliate marketing networks to fulfill your needs?
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