I am completely new with this and experimenting with the Linkshare guide and came across an issue I can't figure out...may be something dumb so excuse me ahead of time.

I don't have any programming etc experience so I know nothing about building a web service to download feeds. All I am doing is following directions in how to download product / coupon / merchant lists by inserting the link below with my information in a web browser and all has been fine until I get to the text feed download. The LS instructions are below. I can follow them pretty well for the product feed/merchant feed but this is what I can't figure out...

to get the text links creative feed into an XML file (remember I don't know if I am saying this correctly) you need to enter this into your browser


What about if I want ALL the text links for ALL my advertisers not just for one category or not just for one advertiser....how would I do that since they are all required parameters?

Any help would be greatly appreciated AND trust me I have researched for the answer before posting here...it may be that I just don't get it even when I read the answer since I'm technology challanged lol.


Creative Feeds
Text Link Feed
This feed gives you the available text links. You can specify various filters to obtain specific links.
Feed Data Elements
The Text Link Feed has these data elements: NID, MID, Campaign ID, Category ID, Category
Name, Link ID, Link Name, Start Date, End Date, Text Copy, Landing Page URL, Tracking URL,
and Impression Tracking URL.
Feed Method
There is only one method to access this feed. You can filter it using these parameters: MID,
Category, Creative Campaign ID, Start Date, and End Date.
Here is the REST URL for this method:
This method requires these parameters:
{token} This is your Web services token. It is a string value.
{mid} This is the LinkShare Advertiser ID. It is a numeric value.
{cat} This is the Creative Category ID. It is a numeric value.
{startDate} This is the start date for the creative. This is a date value.
{endDate} This is the end date for the creative. This is a date value.
{campaignID} This is the Campaign ID for the creative. It is a numeric value. (Since
most merchants have not created campaigns, please use a value of -1 to get creative that
is not assigned to any campaign.)
{page} This is the page number for the results. The system will only return 10,000
results per page.