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    OK - I'm freaking out!
    I finished setting up my website pretty much the other day I registered and verified it with Google, etc. I did a Google search and put the three main words in my website name. I typed in separately, not together, the words big fish spot. I hit return and BANG! the first thing it returned was my website. number one. I did it on another computer in the house as well. BANG! number one. This morning I did the same thing - NOTHING? Did it on another computer - NOTHING! What happened?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Was it me playing with Google settings or something? Google analytic? Google AdSense? Ning? Did I mess up a setting - was I smoking crack yesterday and just don't remember? Please help!

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    jacked by sylon
    That happens on G all the time.

    Who knows why.

    Tomorrow it may come back again.

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    Yesterday you were Syked, today you're Fryked!


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    I think of this as Google jiggling the handle on their search listings. It's unpleasant when it happens but you come to expect it eventually.

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    It happens a lot.. and I freak every time..

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    BurgerBoy is right,
    It happens all the time. If your site just went live you shouldn't expect it to stay #1 unless yours is the only site with that keyword phrase. I've had it happen to me way to often but there is nothing you can do. It will come back eventually maybe tomorrow maybe in a month from now. Work on building relevant links.

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