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    online retail sales are expected to grow 12%

    Could be we escape some of the pain felt by Bricks and Mortar.

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    Depending on who is doing the research, internet retailer said that the avg growth rate for e-Commerce companies for the first 3Q was about 12-13%. Amazon double that.

    Recently, lots of e-companies reforecasted and setup a slower growth rate than before. eBay had a negative growth in Q3. Both Amazon + eBay projected a slower Q4.

    I do not expect my company to do 40-50% growth every Q YOY in 2009.

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    I do think an advantage e-tailing has this year is that it is traditionally lower margin (since there is no overhead), and therefore more suitable to budget-conscious folks who are willing to shop a little earlier, plan a bit more, and wait to receive their items in exchange for savings. Since almost everybody is budget-conscious these days, I would think e-tailers that are not in "luxury" segments would do better than bricks and mortar. I don't know about you guys, but the sales I'm seeing in shops here in Philly stores definitely demonstrate that the bricks and mortar folks are already nervous about this holiday season.

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