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    datafeed question

    iam in process of building my own comparison script. i have not got any datafeeds so far.. only a affiliate in cj so no datafeed is avliable for me. i managed to hook up 1 sample datafeed from this forum.

    i have few questions

    suppose if a same product is avliabe with 2+ merchants will they have same product name with all 2+ merchants or some will have with model number ? just curios for creating comparison rules.


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    You'll be better off getting the actual feeds from the merchants you want to work with. You can get them through CJ. That way you'll be able to see exactly how different merchants name their products and you can write your rules accordingly.

    It's been my experience that everyone names the products slightly differently, and making your program recognize that they're the same will be one of your biggest challenges.

    For other datafeed solutions, have you considered Popshops or GoldenCAN?

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    Every merchant has different methods of creating product names; they are rarely identical for two different merchants. Even if the product title is standardized, the merchant may include additional words, or remove certain words. Sometimes, a product name doesn't reflect what an item is (for example, one merchant has a datafeed that lists cell phones for $5 to $10, but in fact the merchant only sells accessories -- this is definitely not something we appreciate. Matching by UPC/ISBN is probably the safest.

    There have been a number of discussions of datafeed tools here, including several discussions that I started:
    - Datafeed Studio
    - Problematic Text Strings in Datafeeds
    - Wanted: Affiliate Datafeed Import & Content Management Script

    If you haven't checked out PopShops and GoldenCAN, you should definitely do so. You may find (as I did) that they can't meet your needs, but even if they don't, you can learn a lot about how to use and present datafeed content. There are also a number of price-comparison scripts out there, including Datafeed Studio (mentioned above), which you might want to look at; there is a fairly complete list here.

    Good luck.

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    Each product should have a UPC code that uniquely identifies it. All feeds from CJ do have the UPC field but unfortunately, I havent seen many merchants fill this field in - newegg, zipzoomfly, thenerds etc. none of them fill in the UPC field.

    The second technique I have been using is if the UPC is missing to use Manufacturer+ManufacturerSKU but this is prone to error if a manufacturer name is mispelled or one merchant lists it as HP and other as Hewlett Packard.

    You can start by using UPC and Manufacturer+ManufacturerSKU and cleanup the Manufacturer list over time to improve accuracy.

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