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    January 18th, 2005
    There are so many companies that offer this service, and there are software programs available that will do this as well.

    Is there a legitimate reason why anyone would need to do this? Or is this simply an invitation to spammers?

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    Only one that I can think of. If I were say Harvard, and I was doing some sort of weird esoteric research, and I needed to randomly gather addresses (or see how easy it would be). And that is it.

    There IS NO valid commercial use for it. They are available to gather addresses for Spammers - period. I want to see someone (as does Andy I gather) defend the use of one.


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    Agree with Andy and Fred 100% on this one - email harvesting can ONLY be useful for spammers.

    It goes with those software packages that are designed to "anonymise" your spam by sending it through open relays (that are allowed to advertise on Google and Overture!)

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    There is no such thing as legitemate email harvesting.

    It's total spam... and you really don't want to touch that with a 10-foot pole. (or even a 50-foot pole..

    Even "permission based" email marketing are slimy spammers.. That's such BS!!! I get calls every day.. from sales spammers that have millions of names that have "opted in" or they have the cajones to say that they are "double-opted in".. What a load of CRaP!!

    How do they know what they opted in to? If the sales-geek is cold calling merchants or site owners???

    There needs to be some serious legislation, with some spammers made examples of, so this stops.

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