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    Question Kind of excited, but pretty danged confused
    Hello, all,

    Ten days ago, I wrote a post about wanting to change my domain name because I wasn't too keen on the name (a little over a year after launching it).

    It's been a strange week. I just found out that my weird domain name (a strange mashup of words that I basically invented by pulling it out of my posterior) is now being used by competitors. My domain name is now a keyword that others are bidding on. (A year ago, searching for this word in google resulted in literally TWO results. Both mine.)

    I've also seen three freelance writers using my word (in the last 2 months), writing about what the definition is, and good ways to make use of it (not the word, but the definition). (Gyawd, this makes precious little sense, without using the word or definition...)

    Aaaaaanyway... I'm now having to bid on my domain name as a keyword (weird), and am seeing a lot of PPC ads running saying things like "Forget ____, try our site!" ......Strange that 10 days after I said, "I don't like the word I'm using," I've found out that writers and competitors are using it.

    So that's the "excited" part.

    Here's the "confused" part:
    Today, I was contacted by a corporation wanting to pay me to run a private ad on my site. I checked them out thoroughly (google, and asking public forum members about their experiences with this company). The confusion lies in not knowing how much to charge, and whether or not I need a contract (and if I DO need a contract... what/where/how?!).

    Help a crazy mom out!

    Thanks (and I apologize for the rambling, caffeine-fueled post... I hope you get the gist)!


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    How much to charge is up to you. There is no way with the info (or lack there of) anyone can tell who how much to charge them. But with that said, negotiate through email so you have a written record of everything said. As far as a contract, once you agree in principle, have one final email specifying the terms and if they agree, they'll send you a check or pay you in some way. Once money has passed, that is a legal offer and acceptance of the terms, you don't need a signed document.

    re: terms
    make sure you have exactly where the ad is to be shown
    the size of the ad
    exactly how long the term lasts (if I were you I wouldn't include an automatic renewal, you might get a better offer, and you aren't going to sue them if they refuse to pay you anyway)
    and of course amount to be paid
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    I would suggest you ask them to make an offer to see if they are serious. Also did they give you the url to their site yet? If not I would ask for that as well.

    Good Luck

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    I would look on quantcast and search for sites with an affinity for your site that accept advertising. Then contact the ones that have about the same amount of traffic as yours and find out what they charge for advertising. Then you can get an idea of what people are paying.

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    Crazy but also an Opportunity
    Crazy things happen like this all the time.... But the opportunity to get into another revenue generator is a good thing.

    Step back and look at the overall picture. See what other sites charge for the same amount of traffic. Visit the site and see if you even want their advert. And set up some rules, etc. for posting and make sure you can track their link clicks, etc.

    Of course, get the $$$ up front.
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    Depends on your traffic, PR and Alexa ranking really
    The better they are the more you can charge
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