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    LeBron is unstoppable this season
    With spectacular plays this season for the Cavs, I think Lebron James is currently the best ball player on the planet. He had found a way to excel in every way - even his free-throwing is dramatically improved. He must have worked on his form over the off-season as his game looks as smooth as silk.

    In the last game against the Bucks, James scored 41 points. It was the third time in four games that James has scored exactly 41. And, the spectacular Slam Dunk he did during the said game: launching himself from the free throw line in an effortless fashion! I'm all hyped up for the Cavs this season!

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    I'm no Cav's fan, but you are right. Lebron has looked really good these year. That dunk against the Bucks last night was amazing.
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    You Tube has the video of the said dunk. Dont know if its alright to post the link here...

    Anyway, James let go of his steam on scoring as he managed 22 points on a win against Denver. Yet the performance was close to a triple double performance. This performance also highlights his improved game this season as James had previously lost his last five games against Carmelo Anthony, whom he has known since high school. James, for the moment, owns bragging rights over Anthony.

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    This is true. In fact, he was probably unstoppable last year and the year before that BUT his game is definitely more COMPLETE this year.

    I think it stems from a current NBA players father who also played saying that LeBron has about three key things that are wrong with his game. Once those are improved, he will be unstoppable. This may be happening. The interview was on the radio show ESPN Up All Night with Jason Smith last winter.

    I guess he heard the interview.
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