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    Linkshare Holding Merchant Payment from Affiliates
    I noticed today in the Merchant Payment History that Orbitz paid September commissions on 11/12. That is my only Linkshare merchant who paid this week. I did not get a payment issued this week so I emailed Linkshare Support and asked them why. Here is their response:
    LinkShare issues payments for Publishers on a weekly basis. Even if the payment threshold is met, LinkShare does not issue payments immediately. If you have not received payment by next the end of the week please feel free to contact us to resolve any discrepancies.
    That is news to me. I have always been paid the same week that a merchant pays Linkshare as long as the merchant payment was received by Linkshare prior to when Linkshare issues affiliate payments.

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    I did get paid this week. Linkshare was just late in updating their site and as I knew, the response I got from Linkshare Support was wrong. I wish Linkshare Support would actually look into an issue before responding with AN ASSUMPTION (a wrong one at that) without even investigating the issue.

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