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    Exclamation Merchants?

    I am very new here, and I am trying to find out some information.

    As I am going through the companies, I see there are many, many of them I like.

    So, Is there anyone who would be willing to share one name of a company who had fast shipping and good customer service. I am not even looking for the high dollar ones yet. I just want one that is easy to track and good with the customers.

    I just want a good one to get started with. Just so I can get my feet wet. I promise I will never ask for another one. :-)

    I have a variety Blog, commentary on life in general, like a Newspaper column. But I will be upgrading to a nice Business / Event website soon.

    So, any ideas?

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    walmart, fast shipping, good customer service.

    It doesn't make them a good merchant to promote though. You need different ideas of what to look for in a merchant

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    Amazon, Zappos...

    But it's hard to be everything to everyone. Niche traffic converts better.

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    Find merchants that are relevant to what you're blogging about.

    Even if a merchant has insanely good customer service and stupidly low prices, your audience won't buy if it's not something they want or you've persuaded them they want by writing about it. Know your audience and target your ads to what they might want or need.

    Loving Everyone's Child Creates Magic

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    Thank you for all the replys! I appreciate any help I can get. :-)

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