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    Silence is NOT Golden!!!
    Continued Success,

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    I agree that silence is not golden in this scenario. We cannot rely merely on a couple of vocal advocates to give this issue the attention it deserves. Affiliates and merchants in all states need to speak up and let their voices be heard.

    If you are a merchant and never step forward then it makes it look like you are hiding something or put money before all else. The same affiliates who built you into who you are today are the ones you are hurting. It is time to do a few hours of research and make the correct choice regarding NY affiliates. As said before, this tax issue can occur in just about any state. Let's get it all figured out now to avoid future surprises like this.


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    The apathy from everyone is deafening. Unless people are working behind the scenes and just aren't stepping up and letting others know what they are also doing?
    Deborah Carney

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    Would Melanie like us to post on her blog that our merchants welcome NY affiliates? I have one client that allows me to freelance and I am willing to give NY affiliates a 40% raise if they join and promote the program!

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    This isn't about NY affiliates or the NY tax, it goes deeper. I am talking about the underlying issues.

    The NY fiasco is only a symptom, an effect. It is not the problem but an indicator.
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    It's an excellent blog post, Mel. Unfortunately, most affiliates didn't agree with me (and I happen to agree with you) when I argued for better contracts in that Inner Circle thread early this summer.

    The NY fiasco is only a symptom, an effect. It is not the problem but an indicator.
    This, outside of the stuff in the Parasites board, is the truest and most important statement on this forum right now. And we're seeing a lot of uncalled for removals these days from big name merchants.

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