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    Attracting Affiliates.
    Hi All,

    I've been in internet marketing a while mainly doing CPA & Was happy with what i was earning but i decided to invest & make a niche related site (nice graphics / product ect). But the core of my plan would be attracting affiliates

    I got the item listed in clickbank today but now I have that sort of "now what" feeling.

    Its a niche that i doubt people will look for so i dont think im going to get affiliates via clickbank market place.

    The good thing on the site i have the little clickbank code where you can just click the link enter your id and become an affiliate.

    So basically...What now?. Im on a pretty tight budget after investing in this site i wont mind if it fails but it would be nice to turn a profit (obviously).

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    Well here's a method that is essentially free but takes time:

    Grab a few basic keywords that would be relevant to the product you're selling. Plug each of them into Google keyword tool, put the keyword lists you find into a spreadsheet. Then search on each one in turn in the various search engines, check the top ranking sites in the natural results. If they are non merchant sites then get in touch. You can also check the paid search results too and check for which are affiliates, which are merchants or agencies and then contact those that are affiliates.
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    thanks for the suggestion the site is incase you where wondering.

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