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    Gary Can you Help me Please with Advertiser Report
    Hi Gary,

    I am trying to build an advertiser database with the following fields:

    Advertiser ID
    Advertiser Name
    Advertiser Logo
    Advertiser Category
    Advertiser Store Short Summary

    Nevertheless, despite all of Avantlinks AMAZING tools I can't seem to find anywhere I can pull an advertiser report without it relating to sales. I obviously do not expect to find an advertiser report with ALL of the specific fields above but at least Advertiser Name and ID would be helpful. Is this possible?


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    We list our merchants by category on this page:

    When you click on an individual merchant name from that page you'll find everything else you need. Note that for merchant ID, you'll have to grab that from the URL (it's not published in the content of respective detail pages). For example on this detail page..

    ...the merchant ID is 10083.

    You can also find all this info from the internal merchant details pages. Just click "Merchants" from the main menu once logged in.

    Hope this helps

    Gary M

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