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    I have a question about the Internet Explorer Security active scripting Settings and ABW.

    I was playing around with the Internet Explorer version 5.5, 4807,xxxx Security Settings Tab and I notice that if I go to:
    Internet Options, Security tab, Internet, Custom Level, active scripting:

    I will have these 3 options:

    I notice that if I select Disable
    I will not be able to see the ABW page if I use any of these 2 links:

    But I will able to get in with this link:

    WHY is that, what is the difference???

    If I go to with the active scripting disable I'm able to see that page, but if I try to click on the main link there I will not see anything display but If I do a view source I'm able to see the entire code.. while the page stay blank for ever. Why???????????????

    I check my sites and a few other sites with the active scripting disable and I was able to see it all, even the pages that have Javascript's on it, like navigation menus, etc.....

    What I'm missing here, do anybody know what is the difference ??????

    Now I'm using this link: with the active scripting Enable in order to be able to login and post this question.

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    Logout and then log on againat

    When you do, check off "disable advanced interface" You'll then revert to the old look and should not get any issues - it's a poop thing not an ABW thing.

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