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    Angry Is it Me or is it LinkShare?
    Let me disclose first of all to be fair that I am new to this affiliate world and may not have the complete picture. Nevertheless, I have been successful in obtaining coupon feeds from all networks with the exception of Linkshare. Well let me reword that...I was able to get a few merchants' Link Locater Direct text link feed and I am shocked.

    I have done some research here and have read a couple of post's regarding the lack of a stable coupon feed from LinkShare. Either you download it by rest/soap and/or get it by an RSS feed. Supposedly though not all merchants have an RSS feed and when they update it they add other "junk" in the feed...and if you download the xml file it is shocking how there are hardly no start/end dates and if they are they are usually not in the right place. Also, this feed is obvioulsy not just for coupons as there are tons of other promotional links in there but I guess that can be worked through but the date thing is just ridiculous...and what about the deal dispatcher...why can't that be a feed?

    I guess I am just shocked to see such a large network, if not the largest, not provide a stable form of downloading coupons/sales/promotions, etc. I mean if all the other networks are doing it and much smaller ones, why can't they?

    With that being said unfortunately I will not work with as many advertisers from Linkshare as I would have liked. I will hand pick my tops and go from there as I don't have all day to go through their feeds and correct the dates, etc.

    Closing Disclosure: Again I am new to this but this is what I have observed in the last two months...I'm hoping I'm wrong and someone can give me a miracle answer to my frusturation but from what I have read on these forums I don't think currently there is a solution to LinkShare's coupon feed mess.

    Off my soap box....and sorry for the vent.

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    99% of any of the RSS feeds Linkshare merchants have haven't been updated in months or even a year. I don't know why they have features, merchants use them once and then nothing.
    Most networks have some kind of coupon feed good or bad, but Linkshare is really behind. They have nothing.

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    Linkshare is so far behind when it comes to offering effective tools for affiliates. Bottom of the list in so many ways.

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