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    January 17th, 2005
    1,381 pushin "reservation rewards"
    Just placed an order with and was shocked to see the reservation rewards pop up following the order, double shocked since i paid via paypal.

    I was confused if the order had gone through or not mid order, since when i logged into paypal to pay i was bumped back to geeks to set up an account. Confused now, i opened a new window to check my pay pal transactions....nothing there yet.

    I set up the account with geeks and proceeded with my order. After the account was set up, bang my order was complete and i saw "Your purchase is complete. Click here to claim your $10.00 Reward Certificate for your next purchase", or the reservation rewards pop up!!!! I thought it was going to be a coupon for geeks, but it was that damn rewards crap and i refuse to push this toolbar crap on my visitors you know the links are coming down!

    I refreshed the paypal account to find that the order had now been completed only after the account was set up...WTF did I just tie the geeks into my paypal..NOT AT ALL WHAT I WANTED TO DO, i just wanted to pay via paypal for security...instead i may have tied a company that chooses to do business with a questionable programs to my chosen form of payment. Ok so I just clicked "no thanks" Now there is this official looking continue button and i'm thinking it will lead me to a printable invoice......wrong reservation rewards pop up again.

    I'll let everyone know if and when it tracks back to paypal now to see what they hell i just hooked up.

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    January 17th, 2005
    ugh, merchants that do this are trying to wring every possible dollar out of their customer, & not concerned about repeat business

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    January 17th, 2005
    following up here everything reported SID, Item based history and the commission!

    now if there was just a way to get them to drop the reservation rewards crap I could think about still using them. I can not, with good conscious send my visitors to a retailer that is in bed with such a controversial program.

    a list of retailers known to associate with aka reservation rewards ( that what they call it?) can be found at

    I was shocked to see some of the names associated with them there, Staples, Yahoo, Orbitz, just to name a few.

    What ever happened to offering a product at a decent price and protecting the best interest of those people you hope to keep you in business.

    Are these retailers saying "hey it's part of the game, hit us with whatever scam you can try to get past us, were going to do the same with you"?

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    January 18th, 2005
    It is similar to the trick when you go to Best Buy and they say hey you now get 3 months free of XYZ magazine. Don't fall for it, you will get a bill when those 3 months are over. And good luck trying to cancel them. I tried and ended up paying to get them to leave me alone. I hate those scams at or after checkout, they catch people who think they are getting something good when they get trapped into something. I have heard horror stories of people not reading the fine print and getting signed up for something they have a hard time cancelling.

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