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    google reports
    We recently ran the Order Item Detail Report for October 2008 within the GAN Account Interface
    As part of our testing, we see 2 orders which show up when navigate through the menus Reports / Product Related / Products Data
    However, when we navigate through the menus Reports / Product Related / Order Item Detail, these same 2 orders do not show up. in fact the report shows up empty

    Anyone else have this problem?

    What I am really looking for is a way to programmatically view the products people have purchased from different websites along with the mid we provide. That's it. Anyone know of a good way to do this with GAN?

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    Not all advertisers pass product information. You will only see product information if it is passed to us in the image tag or data feed. For the order item detail report, did you select a specific advertiser? Member ID is only available in an activity detail report. We do not report product per person.

    Thank you,


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