Bidz is not reporting commission sale. The item was brought on 10/10/2008 and they have not report it.

Not only have they not report it to me at cj but I have even tried cashback program and complained to them where is my commission after 30 days. They said that bidz never report it. So I was told to give infomation when I brought it and all then they contact bidz about it and I got the cashback.

Bidz is ripping off people who are advertising them. Until you report a complain then they will give commission for it. How would I know if someone came to my website and brought something and bidz is not reporting it. It is fraud what they are doing.

I even read about others not getting there sale until they complain. I hope they ae happy their stocks are up becuase of people like us advertising for them for free. I am owned at least more then $1000 from bidz from cashback programs to rewards to my cj account.