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    I have been having trouble with my "temporary internet files" directory and my cookies so I took a good look around my comp and I found a file in my /windows/downloaded program files directory called {1D4DB7D2-6EC9-47A3-BD87-1E41684E07BB}

    I looked at the properties for it and it showed this:-
    Type: ActiveX Control
    Created: None
    Last Accessed: None
    Total Size: 32,768 bytes (32kb)
    ID: {1D4DB7D2-6EC9-47A3-BD87-1E41684E07BB}
    Status: Unknown
    [edited to add DO NOT click on link it might harm your computer]

    I looked up in whois and found this
    Registrant: iWon, Inc. (IMGFARM3-DOM)
    One Bridge St
    Suite 42
    Irvington, NY 10533
    Domain Name: IMGFARM.COM
    Administrative Contact:
    MyWay, Inc. (DFXACHECOO)

    my questions are:- I think iwon is a parasite am I correct?
    and more importantly can I just delete this file from my computer without it having any ill effects?

    Thanks in advance

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    iwon is not a parasite just a portal and MyWay is a portal too, both powered by Google, i have free email at MyWay. Not sure about deleting it, but i don't see where it would be a problem deleting it.

    Edit, then i searched for funwebproducts:

    maybe someone with more expertise can help

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    A little off topic, but I’ve been seeing FunWebProducts in my log files for a while. Back when I first noticed them, I found their website, and one of there offerings is a popup blocker. Funny thing is, I got an exit popup when leaving the site. It kind of made me think of all those SPAMs I get pushing anti-SPAM software.

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    On my old PC, I made the mistake of trying Iwon's Prize Machine or whatever it's called. It loaded a bunch of crap onto my PC. After it installed, I ran Ad-aware and pretty much everything Iwon installed was flagged. Could this be what your seeing?


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    Just noticed funwebproducts has been hitting one of my sites's not one of those
    site copying programs is it?...
    It appears to be going through page by page

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    I changed my internet security settings concerning activex controls. I also had some "unknowns"entries in my temp. internet folder. I deleted them all without any problems occuring.


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