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    Cool When Products Don't Exist Anymore - what do you do?
    I have a datafeed site that I work with, and update on a regular basis. Because of that, there are hundreds of products that disappear from the merchant's inventory. Those products each have their own page on my site, and are indexed by Google (and other SEs). Whenever the product is removed, there is still an indexed page in google, which then becomes a 404 error (I have it redirected to a special error page).

    Question is: would you simply continue to redirect to a custom 404 page, or would you redirect all pages back to the home page? and if so, do you think doing so would hurt or help the site's rankings?


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    I keep the page but indicate that the product is no longer in stock. Beside it I list similar products to try to salvage the sale. Out of stock products don't get linked to in my search results or category pages so Google will eventually remove the page due to the lack of an incoming link. This has worked quite well over the years.

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    You might want to join ePN and do a little creative programming to automatically switch the pages to eBay editor kit searches that display the same or similar items right on your page. That's the beauty of eBay, they have everything...


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    Quote Originally Posted by Snib
    ...Beside it I list similar products to try to salvage the sale..
    Ahhhh, never really thought about that. As it stands, I only get them to a custom "oops the product you're looking for is not available...blah blah" page. Could probably take the keywords from the particular request, search the db, and return similar items.

    Thanks for the replies guys.

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