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    January 18th, 2005
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    In response to many emails wanting a full list of companies offering a Product Showcase Creator, I've created a directory listing all the participating companies.

    You can also find a link to the directory on the bottom of each interface.

    Happy money-making!

    Akiva Bergstrom
    Affiliate Partner Manager

    <TABLE BORDER=0 cellspacing=2 width=600><TR><TD> <FONT SIZE=1>
    CJ/7.5% to 8.5%/120 days
    Datafeed/Parasite free
    Phone: 973.696.6200 ext 751
    > Join now! < </TD> <TD><FONT SIZE=1>
    CJ/10%/120 days
    Datafeed/Parasite free
    AIM: akivabergs
    > Join now! < </TD> <TD><FONT SIZE=1>
    CJ/11%/120 days
    Datafeed/Parasite free
    ICQ: 240820068
    > Join now! < </TD></TR></TABLE>

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    January 18th, 2005
    If you haven't tried the PSC, try it today! I can't recommend it enough. I get rave reviews from folks who have used it for Eastwood's products - and the pages always look great.

    (Oh, and merchants who are NOT on this list - you need to be on it!!)


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    Bookmarked the link. very useful, as I am periodically searching through CJ for merchants who have jumped on board with the showcase creator. There were two, one being from LS that I didn't know about already.

    Big Chuck
    Why do some affiliate networks continue to enable parasitic technology providers to STEAL my hard earned revenue?

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    Thanks for the list. I was just going to send you an email. Great tool for those who haven't already tried it. Guess there will be a few more merchants that I'll be signing up for.

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