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    What does this Lingo email mean
    Has anybody gotten this email from Lingo. What does it mean.

    They first skipped the payment for a month. Then this threat of being KICKED OUT. This pgm has gone nuts.

    Email from Lingo
    "When promoting Lingo, please understand there should be no outbound calls made for any reason. If it is found outbound calls are being made, you will be kicked out of the program and legal action will also be taken. If you have any questions, feel free to reply to this email. Thank you."

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    I avoid voip programs like the plague, but it sounds like they are saying you can't make calls to promote them?

    This is one time its important to get in touch with the Aff Manager I would think.

    If some merchant were threatening me for legal action for something I couldnt understand, I'd drop them in a second.

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    Well it wasn't just to me. It was sent to all their affiliates. As I said, this pgm is going down and may the company too. They send such a threatening email to their affiliate base without qualifying the issue, speaks volumes about them.

    Somebody wrote this up without even thinking that they are threatening their entire affiliate base with legal action out of the blue and still thinks the affiliates will keep promoting them.

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    Even if i were a publisher, i'd drop this merchant in an instant after getting an email like this; even if i werent involved in whatever it they are accusing u of.

    i think from this perspective, it's their loss, cuz they need u more than u need them. im sure you have plenty of other advertisers your joined to that can give u good commissions, whereas they NEED ppl like you who will proactively promote their stuff. Without publishers like that, then their program is worthless. if they lose even one publisher who actively promotes their brand, then that's still a lot of traffic they are missing out on.

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    It sounds pretty straightforward to me - It's saying that you cannot use outbound sales calls (telemarketing) to generate leads/sales through their affiliate program. As for the legal threat, it seems no different than a merchant including a line that says affiliates could have legal action taken against them if anyone uses spam to promote a program. Sounds like there was a problem (with legal ramifications) with affiliates using outbound sales calls to get sales. The affiliate manager is not threatening you with legal action, unless you're making outbound calls.

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