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    Post Hurricane Ike pics - what a destruction
    My parents are in visiting me for the next few weeks so i took them around. I went to Galveston, TX and the destruction that Hurricane Ike brought was pretty grusome. The stretch of houses that I saw, nothing was spared besides the foundation.

    Site of a beach house.. the foundations to the boat dock is still there

    Sites of beach houses...

    Debri and a bath tub along the same site

    More debri.. notice the power lines to the far left?

    More debri.. notice the power lines to the far right?

    A tanker in the horizon..beyond the destruction

    There used to be beach houses that ran along that beach. notice the power lines that ran down that street on the far right?

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    Wow Eric those are some pictures, I am amazed that the power line poles still standing.
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    Thanksgiving is quickly approaching. I can think of a few things to be thankful for after seeing those pictures.


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