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    Any good software to help me understand affiliate marketing?
    As stated in another thread, I have several Google Alerts set up for different things. One brings in quite an abundance of blog posts with those offering their advice on affiliate marketing. I must say that some humor me, some just make me shake my head. Especially the ones that call Clickbank the #1 affiliate network.

    But that aside, I did just get a new one, posted on a photoshop tutorials site, that made me ask the question in the subject line. [please note that this is sarcasm, I know better, and don't need it explained to me that there is no such thing]

    Anyway, the article starts off [really it does] with:

    Affiliate marketing is a great way to make extra income. After you get everything set up and are ready to begin, you will start to see some money come in.
    I know, it's that easy!

    But the best part is (talking about legalities, etc):

    With the many different requirements and stipulations that you have to read, you may even need some software to help you sort it all out and decide which one will work best for you and your affiliate marketing business.
    So, anyway....yeah.

    I'm not surprised this market leaves so many people with questions, with blog posts like this.

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    That's what happens in a free market. I'm sure that last poster would be more than willing to divulge the identity of the software, and maybe, just maybe, provide a (n affiliate) link so all those newbies hanging on his every word, could buy it and learn how to make that first $100,000 by next week.
    Nice to see you here posting again, Shawn.

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