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    Tool to convert excel data to mysql
    We are looking for a tool that can convert excel data to mysql. It's not simple excel export to mysql (excel column has less fields than mysql table).

    We need to be able to move the data from excel to mysql and provide default values for the fields that don't exist in mysql.


    Excel column:
    FullName Adds Zip_Code Email_Addressl notes

    MySQL Table:
    ID AccountType Name Address zipcode email notes tax

    basically data under FullName should go to mysql field Name, Adds should go to Address, Zip_Code should go to zipcode etc.. Also the for the field like AccountType we should be able to put some default since it does not exist in excel.

    Is there any tool out there that can do this?

    Thank you for your help.

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    Have you tried Toad for Mysql ?

    Is a nice free tool, I don't remember if is possible to provide default values, but you can choose the matching collumn.

    It has a lot of bug, but is a nice tool.

    regarding the data manipulation, you could also create a 2nd excel file that import data from original file and manipulate column names and default values before exporting to mysql. (in this case you will export to MYsql the 2nd created excel file, not the original)
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    Modify your sql table to this if you application is able to still querry the data base with the columns re-arranged.
    MySQL Table:
    Name |Address | zipcode | email | notes | tax | AccountType | ID

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    I bought 'ExcelMySQLConverter' to load spreadsheets into my SQL database. Found it to work well, very fast, useful tool. You can match up as many or as few data elements on a table.


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    You'd be wasting your money on a tool.

    1. Set default values on your columns that might be empty
    2. Import the data as is
    3. Update your table afterward to cleanup any data anomolies

    What you might also considering doing is importing your excel data to a temp mysql table, get everything fixed up, and then move it to your real table.
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    Hi All,

    I may not have made myself clear but here is more information...

    We may have to do this data conversion often, So I prefer to avoid any manual steps with the data.

    Also, the excel data will be in same format every time. So I am hoping that a tool can help me write a query or something that I can run to import this data and reuse that query every time we get a new excel file.

    MicroMag & hittjw

    I will check out those tools to see if they would help. With this additional info do you think your tool can map the tables with different name and create script?


    I like your second idea about temp SQL database. I will look into that as well.


    Unfortunately we cannot change the database due to app support.

    Thanks everyone again for your help.

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