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    I need Web development experts help
    I would like to create a new website for an online Live Wecasts/ Video Webcasting. Today a live webcast is there just about in every place we look on the internet. Most news outlets are now using video to report their news stories in its place of print. But Since last month i am looking some web expert's help for relevant information about on web development and design. Have any site for getting proper information about experts Live We casts/ Video Web casting?? Which is the best website to get above information? Which program language best for me? I need more information about good live experts site, if you have any knowledge, please share with me.
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    If you're a spammer

    If you're not a spammer you should read the rules about manual sig files. No links are allowed for noobs. So you should remove that before a moderator has to do it for you.

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    Manual sig file???? Would you explain a bit more...Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by jg1907
    Manual sig file???? Would you explain a bit more...Thanks

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