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    Pay Per Click vs. Pay To Click
    What exactly is the difference between Pay Per Click (PPC) and Pay to Click(PTC)?

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    I'm hoping I have your definitions correct, but I'm assuming you mean the difference between Pay Per Click advertising (where a person or company places ads on a site or search engine and pays each time a potential customer clicks on the ad) vs. Paid To Click (where a person is paid by a company to search around and click on various advertiser links... they can often either be paid in actual cash accumulation or in "rewards" points).

    If that's not what you mean... then my apologies.


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    I think that sounds about right, i know i actually do a ptc program for affilates, its called "Noobing" and you do earn incentives for clicking and rating other companies ad's. But i do agree that those sound like correct definitions, either way i think you have to find which one works for you.

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    ppc is better for advertising your site, the reason is the one who click has bigger intention to know your content rather than ptc( they only want the clicking incentive). Other reason is with ppc you can have more unique clicker rather than ptc(in ptc you will get same visitor each day because they click your ads each day)

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