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    "Thank you for promoting Limited Too and Justice. We are temporarily shutting down our affiliate marketing campaigns and we apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. We are setting all publisher relationships to expire starting today, although the Limited Too/Justice program will remain live in Commission Junction. Since Program Terms take 7 days to expire, you will remain joined to the program until December 3, 2008. We plan to extend you an offer to join the program again soon. We want to be clear that we value your involvement in our program and this will be a temporary situation until the program is available again.

    Although you can technically promote Limited Too until December 3, we ask that you discontinue promoting our program as soon as possible. We understand that this is a busy time for publishers and apologize for the timing. We will communicate as much as possible about this decision and we will inform you of any updates or changes. We plan to pay all valid commissions as scheduled.

    Limited Too and Justice will continue to provide the best prices on tween fashion for girls. If you are also a Limited Too/Justice customer, rest assured that our websites and stores will not be affected by this temporary marketing change. We look forward to working with you again soon. "

    Boy talk about working with affiliates. Promote a company all year and they pull out for the holiday. Wonder how many affiliates come back in January!!
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    I've never understood these type of decisions. Of course if the links still go thru when they're "shut down", free traffic.

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    hmmm... I didn't get that email.

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    I didnt get one either, got an email from them yesterday w/Blackfriday links tho...

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    Yeah, I jumped headfirst into promoting a nice 25% off offer yesterday, and then today this shows up.

    Please tell me that that's not REALLY what's going on here - that they just want to cut affiliates out of the loop during the busy season and are hoping that some of us forget to take down our links. I would hope that they have a better business reason for doing this other than just trying to screw their affiliate "partners".

    Their program fits very nicely into one of my sites, so I'm somewhat embarassed to say I probably will go back when they ressurrect the program. But I'll feel used, really used, like a cheap w#0%$ - and will not ever feel the same way about promoting L2 or Justice.

    I wonder if they'll still be offering the same commision percentage when they come back.

    Or maybe they really do have a valid business reason for suspending the program - but their letter offered no such explanation.

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    I'm wondering how many affiliates who do this part-time may not have even gotten that email in time to take their links down before they headed out for Thanksgiving. I know a few years ago I wouldn't have bothered taking down links on Thanksgiving Day. They would have just gotten free advertising from me for weeks during the busiest time of the year.

    I couldn't believe it when I got that email yesterday after just putting up the 25% off sale the day before!
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