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    What are the actual fonts used for -
    MySpace and Facebook? I want to use them in a project that I am working on but when I try every type of Google Search all I return are fonts and codes that you can USE on MySpace and Facebook. I want the names of the fonts or locations where I can get them. I don't care if they are "fakes" / good copies from a free font website. I just need them to look similar. Any ideas? Any help? THANKS! :-)

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    any easy way it get any fonts name is to cut and paste the text into MSWord. or search the source code for the font statments.

    It looks like the default font in facebook is Lucia Grande and for myspace (at least the signon page) it's verdana.

    MySpace lets the users really mess with the pages (which is why so many are unreadable) so there are lots of fonts in use there.

    I think you'll find both these fonts already installed (when was the last time you had to instal a new font on a PC unless you were heavy into graphics design). The Mac names may differ and why sometimes the pages look different between the two platforms.

    If you have something else in mind (like replicating the logos with different words) worst case sells fonts. Normally you can just use MSWord ,highlite the word you want to test and then select format,font and step through all the sections.

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    You can also visit a couple sites that help you identify fonts:

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    Thanks, I'll take your advice!

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