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    Affiliate Programs and Ad Displaying
    Hey guys,

    I was just wondering, if someone decides to have multiple affiliate programs for one website, if that is even possible, would that be to the disliking of a affiliate program owners? What I mean is if you don't have a particular affiliate program's ad displayed continuously, will they get mad and drop you as an affiliate? I wouldn't think so because I see a lot of websites, including this one, that has rotating ads for different companies advertisements. I think I would like to have rotating ads like that on my site after I get it up and running.

    I guess I am just a little confused on how picky affiliate program owners are about having their ads on your site continuously.


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    Most publishers have a number of affiliate programs on their site, you can have as many as you like - they should probably all fit your niche, of course.

    Rule of thumb is to promote a program consistently, or give it some profiling for a period of time (to determine how well it converts for you). If one program converts better on your site, then you definitely want to give it preferential profiling!

    In some cases, merchants have been known to drop affiliates who are "inactive" (ie. you don't even drive clicks to them). Lots of threads here cover that..

    Remember it's YOUR site, so you can give all merchants an equal chance, or show more of your own favorite. For me, I was given a backlink on a popular site for Black Friday, and gave my best converting merchant the spot.

    Hope this helps!

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    Most all affiliate programs allow you to have ads from competing programs on your site. I have heard of some programs that wanted "exclusivity", that is, they did not want you you advertise programs in the same category as they are. Stay away from these types of programs, however, I dont think there are too many.

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    Cool, that is exactly what I wanted to know!

    Thanks a bunch guys,

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