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    Is LinkShare going to compete with their merchants?
    To back up what I said about LinkShare becoming a competitor of their own merchants think about what is Rakuten and their ambitions.
    You saw them buying parasites and competing with their own affiliates. No remorse and not a word of explanation from these people.
    As a merchant with a successful affiliate program, you know your "trusted network" is tracking all your activities. Your most successful keywords, most successful source of traffic, most lucrative markets, they know about your marketing strategy ... Imagine now, an '"untrusted' network transfering all that information to your competitors. How long are you going to stay in business?
    Now, imagine you're a merchant in the travel vertical, LinkShare has many of them.
    Look at
    They are in Japon, China, Korea... What's the next natural step for them? Aren't they thinking of the US market?
    They did it to the afiiliates, they're going to do it to their merchants. This is just a question of time. Yes, I know, it's not LinkShare, it's Rakuten, OneCause is not LinkShare, either, it's Rakuten, and what's happening. There's no Chinese Wall between Rakuten activities.

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    I always saw Rakuten's purchase of LinkShare as a path of least resistance for them to introduce their brands into the US and UK Markets.


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