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    Missing Title Tags
    I am trying to clean up some duplicate content, etc. on my site. I checked in with Google Webmaster Tools. They are saying I have 1261 pages of missing title tags. They all seem to be related to the AE Script. Here is an example of one they listed:

    What can I do about this?

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    Edit your ae-ini.txt file.

    store.pagetitle.text "{}" - {} "

    store.pagetitle.text "{title} - {}"

    AE substitutes in an appropriate page title for {title}, such as the product's name or the browse node's name or the search results' keywords -- thus the {title} part is essential for unique titles. AE substitues {} with the site's domain name. You can change/delete that part if you want something else, such as if you want your domain name capitalized, such as: "{title} -"

    Note that in your current setting you have an extra quotation mark after the first } so everything after it is ignored since that quotation mark is seen as a closing quotation mark. Also, AE tries to interpret {} as a variable name (FYI: anything inside { } curly braces is a variable or directive); however, a variable named "" does not exist (it evaluates to empty value) so AE substitutes in empty value. Thus your <title> tag ends up as <title></title> (with empty value as the title). So that's why Google is reporting that your AE pages have no title.

    So change the value of store.pagetitle.text as I've indicated above and all the <title> tags will appear correctly.

    Yours truly,
    Cusimano.Com Corporation
    per: David Cusimano

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    Thanks. Glad it was that easy to change.

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