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    What Are Most Effective Ways To Sell Clickbank Products?
    Well, I discovered Clickbank around 4 months ago and have made a quite a bit of high paying sales using Yahoo and Google paying for each click I receive.

    There are possibly other methods of advertising products from anything such as youtube videos to emails to writing news articles and blogs or building squeeze page of your own somehow. But what methods actually work and how do they actually make them work?

    I mean, you can't just make a simple PPC campaign even. If you don't choose the right keywords, if you don't pay enough, if you can't write good enough advertisements. Or you can't write an email to a list of random people and think they would be interested. There is more to it than that. What are the important factors that make these/your campaigns successful and what has led to failure too, especially when it comes to PPc.

    I have experimented with graphical banner advertising and this seems to work pretty well in my opinion, usually pulling in higher click through rates than my PPCs sometimes at least. Although Google usually gives me a 7/10 quality score. I achieved this once I started using my keywords inside my description more often, which makes obvious sense to do at this point anyways.

    I've never really found spending more on PPC would necessarily mean higher conversion rates. It seemed to be determined more by the keywords, the regions I targeted or the sheer advertisement used.

    When it comes to advertising, I could be directing a lot of traffic, (As I learn how to) To make something like programming a website since I have experience in PHP/HTML and I'm getting pretty decent at graphic production and other Web User Interfaces. I'm wondering how I can take more advantage of these assets, making my very own high powered websites that share and sell, you know?

    Ok, That's all I have for now. I hope you enjoyed reading this.

    Your Friend,

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    Nice domain name you got there on your profile.

    What Are Most Effective Ways To Sell Clickbank Products?
    It won't be long before the other shoe, drop the answer.

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    Yes, PPC and Banner Advertising is good but I have been lucky enough to do well without these . I am a SEO expert and a webdeveloper myself and has developed a network of sites with good traffic so even a 'Text Link' works well for me.

    So, I would suggest that you should go for organic search traffic to maximize your profits but yes it takes a bit of time.

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