I've got a toy site I'm trying to add some links to for the holiday shoppers. I wanted to use the datafeed from MyToyBox.com -- but the SAS version via FTP and via "Make a Page," and the version via PopShops.com ALL have annoying series of quote marks (such as """"") before and after some of the words in the description fields for most items and in the title field of some.

Anybody else seeing this? Anyone using their datafeed?

So hard to find a really good toy datafeed in SAS. I know there are others besides MyToyBox.com, and I've used a couple. But many of them are either so low in prices or low in commission that it almost isn't worth the trouble for the small amount of traffic I get.

I know CSN Stores has some good toy stuff, and I use some of that -- but they lack a single toy datafeed. It gets tiresome having to sort the toys out of their "All Chidren's Furniture" datafeed. But they are unable or unwilling to make a separate toy datafeed.

*sigh* Maybe the toy site was a mistake.