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    Impressed w/ Black Friday Deals?
    I shopped online and in stores. I found a few good deals, but with the shape of the economy, I expected deeper discounts. We're any of you blown away with BF deals this year?

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    Internet savvy consumers were probably NOT impressed. People that ONLY shop in stores might have been.

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    Went to bestbuy, i could have gotten better deals on other days but there were a few good deals like on laptops for $3xx for a decent AMD lappie. unfortunately, i am not that crazy to stand in line at 3am, i strolled in 10 min after they opened.

    the laptops were gone.

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    Nope, I wasn't impressed.

    But then again I online shop online.

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    I don't really shop on Black Friday, but I was very impressed by the volume of sales. I think this was my highest volume Black Friday yet. Was also the highest traffic day in the 12 years my site has been around.

    - Scott
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    As a consumer, I wasn't impressed. I found a few good deals, but nowhere near as many as I normally find. I only shopped online this year.
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    I wasn't impressed at all. I found some deals, but by the time i went to get them they were sold out (Minimum Quantity on Hand), So I also shopped online as well. Let's see what Cyber Monday brings.
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