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    I like SAS; their stance against affiliate enemies and affordability for merchants so there is variety. I have not promoted any merchants with them, yet -- but I have a few in my mind to try -- after Andy Rodriguez started a few programs there. So, this is intended to be constructive criticism. Here it goes:

    The SAS site usability is terrible. Affiliate interface sucks. Links are not grouped with logic at all. Screening merchants is a pain in the ass; some has a page-long intro with huge logos, some has nothing.

    I don't mind a few misspellings -- which are everywhere at SAS, or that JavaScript asking what I think about a page, but some things are not acceptable:

    >> There is a merchant advertised in SAS that named Inspector Website that's said to be paying 31% commission on all sales. Not only there is no running affiliate program at that website, there is no such website! It's a domain name parked at RegsiterFly.

    >> There is another "merchant" named that is said to be paying 10% on all "sales". It's no merchant. It's another affiliate. I'm sure they're not paying their commissions on their own sales to their SAS affiliates.

    >> The copyright notice in SAS still reads
    "© 2000-2002." After 11 months into 2003. Wait another month and change it 2004. It seems like simple but it's not, if you can update a thing that's in every page of your site, what can you update?

    Trust is not the only issue in an affiliate network; business agility is as important as that. So SAS need to clean up the house, start running their company/website properly. Because that shows respect to the affiliates – merchants, customers, partners etc.

    I don't care whether 1 person is running SAS or 100. Sometimes, a few can do more than a mass. But SAS has a responsibility to do things the right way and it needs to hire more people if the need be.

    That’s my opinion about SAS.

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    I thought you've already posted the same thread in the sas forum?


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