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    Cyber Monday --- Lack of Sales?
    In contrast to Donut's thread about a successful CyberMonday , I thought it absolutely necessary to post this thread as well.

    In my random tests during the holidays I'd say a solid 10% of all the links I saw were coded incorrectly. Some were cut and pastes of the merchant's landing page URL after it's gone through the network fro cookie setting, some the redirect scripts didn't work, some the code was completely missing and others well, just fat fingered coded and redirects to the corp HP for more free traffic. I wish I had the time to look up the aff and shoot them an email but unfortunately I didn't. I'd really say it's a shame that affs with such good SERPs don't spend the time to test and tune their sites with a simple link checker especially prior to major sales events, lotsa money lost lotsa money!
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    Do linkcheckers catch default and links that redirect?

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    I am pretty sure my aff links were coded ok, just no one to click on them.

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    Hi -

    I use xenu linkchecker - I set the settings for threads really low thou .. like 1-2 and just let it run in the background.

    For my CJ links - the nnext day I look in the bad links section to figure out whats bad !

    for Linkshare - if the links where dead the report from xenu would show it -

    Other then that - not sure what else to use to check links unless someone made a custom affiliate tool to scan pages!

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    Don't use xenu too often. It clicks all your affiliates links and can drive your (and the merchant) epc down if you use a datafeed with many items. Some merchants don't like it and may drop you and some affiliates don't understand why they are getting so many clicks and no sale.

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    I can believe this. A word of advice: after you place your link click it. We see a good number of affiliates who show no clicks at all but we find the link or banner on their site so the affiliate didn't click the link to check it. When we catch these we do the click checking to make sure it works and tracks the click.
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