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    Question How to show $$ due for sales 90+ days ago on CJ
    I searched but did not find it so here goes.

    So I am wondering which nerchants has not paid me for sales that took place say 90+ days ago. I goto Pending Commissions and sort by date and I see sales from Oct 3rd 2008 to today. So by reading this I have been paid for every sales I received for the last 5 years??? Every company paid their bills???

    The reason I asking I have had amounts due by several merchants who went offline and never came back. And in the last few weeks several of my merchants went offline and the owe me $$$

    So I am wondering just how much money I have lost over the years due to merchants not paying their bills at CJ.

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    This can be kind of tricky. Some of the reports are set up to only display commissions from the past 60 days, so you'll see the old unpaid amount then when you click for more detail it isn't there. I had one merchants where I had about $600 in unpaid commissions for a few years (yes, years), so I used to see this a lot. I don't think I have any that are behind right now, so I might not be able to tell you how to find the numbers and details, but I'll try.

    One thing you can do is to compare your balance at the top of the screen with the details on the "Run Reports" page and the reports (Locked Pending Commissions, Pending Commissions by Advertiser, and Pending Commissions by Date) that you can access from the "Run Reports". The unpaid commissions "stick" in the Locked status instead of getting paid and moving to Closed status.

    Hopefully that's enough for you to figure things out.

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    Thanks Michael for the reply, by checking the two things you suggested I have been paid for every sale I have generated in the past five years. I hope that is the case.

    Again Thank you

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