Hi All,

Just a quick question. I'm getting back into affiliate marketing after a 8 year hiatus. To get moving quickly I signed up for GoldenCan... and it seems to work great so far. Very simple to use.

One thing I noticed... and am not sure if this is normal for golden can feeds, or is the way this vendor supplies their feed. (CJ in particular) When you click a item in the product catalog (which has thousands of links) it directs to the main home page of the vendor, not the actual item that was clicked on.

In my past affiliate life, feeds I had sent you directly to the particular item. From a shoppers standpoint this is annoying (going to the home page) as you may have spent a considerable amout of time looking through the catalog on my site... then get sent to the home page of the vendor where you have to start all over again.

Any input is apprciated! Thanks in advance.