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    Question Low search volume = bad niche, or super niche?
    Hi all,

    Iím hoping to get some opinions on search volume. Iím about to embark on building a site for a pretty narrow niche. Iíve run the idea by several people in my target demographic, and theyíve all told me ďI wish a site like that existed two months ago, back when I was looking for a red widget!Ē.

    Before getting started, I thought I would do some keyword research to see what kind of search volume my target keywords are getting. Well, so far Iíve only checked Googleís tool (, but Iím getting the old ďNot enough data to give estimatesĒ.

    If my aim is to target some very long-tail keywords, I guess this isnít that surprising Ė but Iím not sure if this is a good or bad sign. What Iím wondering is: at what point should I conclude/how can I conclude that there isnít enough search volume for my niche to warrant building the site at ALL?

    Do those of you who build extreme niche sites get turned off when you do your research and see thereís no search volume, or do you plunge ahead anyway, knowing that your site would offer real value to the few who want what youíre selling, and convert like crazy for those few?

    I hope this makes sense! Thanks in advance!

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    How long will it take you to build a site?
    How much will it cost?

    If it takes you a day, and costs you a domain purchase, then why not?

    If it takes you a month, and costs you countless hours to build the site, then forget it.

    To answer your question, it depends on how long it takes you to build the site, and how much it costs you to build it.

    Even a very small number of visitors can make a site profitable

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    What Julian said but also:

    If you think a niche is good or has potential, run with it. DO IT!

    If the niche takes hold, you could be sitting very pretty when people do start searching for what you've created.

    It's a far better plan than copying what everyone else has already done.

    Loving Everyone's Child Creates Magic

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    I love making those weird little niche sites. You might not make a mint with them, but you can leverage the traffic, sell them off, make a steady income, lots of possiblities.

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    Thanks for the input, everyone.

    I really do believe in this niche, so I think I'm going to go for it. And I think this site has lots of viral/tell-a-friend potential, so hopefully that will make up for the lack of searchers!

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