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    Hireko Extra Income Program - Why Would I Post This?
    In the email today:
    "Introducing the new Hireko Extra Income Program and Hireko Gift Certificates. 2 new banners for your Google Performics program.

    Hireko Extra Income Program
    This new program targeted toward the end-consumer allows golfers to sell Hireko golf clubs to their friends and family and receive a 10% commission. This is not an extra 10% commission program for affiliates. It is intended strictly for the end-consumer."

    Goes to this page -

    So why would anybody put those links on their sites?

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    Ha! I was wondering the same thing when I got this e-mail. But I didn't ponder for long, I just deleted it.
    Merchants, any data you provide to Google Shopping should also be in your affiliate network datafeed. More data means more sales!

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    I have contacted the advertiser. Please see the below clarification.

    "Hireko would like to make more clear the email that was sent earlier this week regarding the Hireko Extra Income Program. This banner was meant as a call to action for affiliates to gain more golf club sales. The affiliate will still earn a 10% commission from golfers signing up for this program. What the email was trying to emphasize was that an affiliate could not become part of the Hireko Extra Income Program themselves and thereby receive commission twice. If you post a banner for the Hireko Extra Income Program you will still receive your 10% commission from sales generated through this banner. Hireko has a policy in which we cannot pay an affiliate a total of 20% commission (10% affiliate commission plus 10% Extra Income Program Commission). If you have any questions, please contact me direct at 614 209-7405. Thank you. Rob Altomonte, VP Marketing, Hireko Golf"

    Thank you,


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