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    New at webpage development. Hosting ?
    Hey everyone. I know the very basics about how to make a webpage... I am concerning by a pre-made template, one from I currently have an account with Homestead, I enjoy the ease of there webpage creation program, but i have not been happy with the quality of there template.

    If I buy a templete what program can I use to edit it that is as user friendly as homesteads, preferably a free one? And that I can easily find hosting for.


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    To start a site with minimal coding experience you can always buy a domain and install Wordpress on it. So many host offer low cost hosting that includes Fantastico or other "1button" installs. You need to read up but if you want to get a quick start you can usually learn the basics within a few weeks.
    Most hosts offer a site builder utility along with the hosting package. I've never used it but it sounds like an online HTML editor. There is so much more to running a site than pages I would spend at least a week just reading around ABW for starters. Sooner or later you should plan to learn html, it makes a big difference and it isn't that hard to learn.
    Good luck.

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    Thanks for the advice. I already bought my domain and I know basic HTML, but nothing beyond that. I have the sight up and running threw homestead but I don't think it looks professional.

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