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    Discover Closed Programs
    There may be one other person that didn't already know this. I found 2 programs that we where in that had been closed. Go to Tools/Merchant Status and selecting All Merchants, All Categories, and Offline Merchants.

    You can also check for Low Funds and Temp Offline in there. I'm sure this is well known and I missed it.

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    I must have been the other person. This makes it much easier to track. Thanks John.
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    Thanks for the good tip, John! I always looked on the Summary and then scrolled on down the page. They stand out nicely there because they are in red and bold but there's a lot of scrolling to do. Your way is a lot easier.

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    Good tip
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    Quote Originally Posted by knight01
    I must have been the other person. This makes it much easier to track. Thanks John.
    I didn't know that info was there either. Last time I looked, it wasn't possible to break down categories. This is great! Thanks John and thanks SAS!

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    You can add me to the list. Very useful.
    I'm used to check "Activity Summary" and look for Off Line Merchants there. It's also a place to deactivate a merchant but you can't sort by status.

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    uhhh I never realized that either. Have just been doin same as 2busy and takin a whole lotta time to do so. Very, very good tip

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    Evidently a LOT more than "one other person." You can count me in.

    Thanks for the tip, John. And, thanks for the report, SAS. Just one more reason that SAS rocks!
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    Great info, didn't know it existed.

    Sharasale is the best, by far!

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