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    Crappy Merchants - the writing's on the Wall
    I just looked through my off line and low funds merchants on SAS and discovered an AHA!

    Most of the merchants I had already pulled off my pages this past month due to lack of conversion are either off line already or showing low funds.

    Makes me kinda sick to think that these merchants who throw up a program for a year or less had control over the shopping cart and thus the sales tracking cookie.

    The writing is pretty much on the wall when you join a potentially promising merchant and start seeing zero conversions on good targeted traffic. These clowns invariably end up showing low funds and then going off line.

    I've become ruthless in removing non performing merchants from my site or those who slip off line for whatever reason. There are just too many good converting and serious merchants to work with who take their business seriously and show respect for their affiliate partner's businesses. Sadly, I'm seeing a few good merchants who are routinely starting to show low funds or go off line which is heart breaking because even after promoting them like crazy and making money wiht their programs, they will be removed from my sites, too before my business suffers.

    When you consider that every "off line" merchant (across all networks, not just SAS) hurts our businesses by making our sites look bad to our visitors and search engine spiders, it makes you take a better look at who you're partnering with.

    This is another reason I'd like to see SAS consider having a merchant feedback rating from affiliates. If we see that a merchant is or is not converting, we could leave a feedback rating to alert other affs that the merchant is either good or not. Maybe even have feedback on other aspects of the merchant, such as response to contact, leaks on their sites, etc.

    As I'm writing this, I'm remembering that a few years ago, I thought this would be a good idea for ABW to have a place to rate merchants. Of course, a place to rate affiliates would be fair, too. Nice way to keep everyone on their toes.

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    Given the current state of the economy, I suspect we will see a lot more merchants go offline right after the holiday shopping season ends.

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    I used to think getting traffic was the hardest part of the affiliate equation. Finding a paying/trustworthy merchant seems more important now.

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    It seems like both affiliates and merchants are facing similar challenges. Affiliates will kick merchants to the curb if they feel merchants are not converting and merchants do likewise when they see no profit in an affiliate. Personally I feel that there is no harm with keeping affiliates who are not currently producing but I always like to see that the affiliate actually has a site or two that dovetails into our program. As many affiliates have said a merchant can never know when a big sale may be coming through an affiliate who hasn't produced much or even any sales to date so might I say to you one never knows when a particular merchant may convert a huge sale for you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rexanne
    I've become ruthless in removing non performing merchants from my site or those who slip off line for whatever reason. There are just too many good converting and serious merchants to work with who take their business seriously and show respect for their affiliate partner's businesses.
    Me too. Life is just to short for the aggravation. The clincher for me is Last Sale by An Affiliate in the SAS interface. If that is way back I zap them.

    A merchant rating system would be nice, but I'm not sure what it would say if only sour grapes or cheerleaders would use it.

    What I dream of is a way to mass send emails to merchants the way they send them to me. I have had some constructive criticism that merchants have appreciated. That could have gone to all my merchants, but it would be too much trouble with hundreds involved.

    When they won't respond to my email or they bounce that is 2 strikes right there.

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    i never delete an affiliate that is preforming ever even if there emails bounce.
    In fact i dont delete any affiliates (unelss their emails/newsletters bounce... 3 bounces and ur gone) as you never know when a sale will take place.'

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