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    Why One Cause is Bad For The Affiliate Industry
    So Merchants, you have this affiliate (One Cause) that is really performing. You see your sales increasing and you are happy about the bottom line. But you are hearing chatter that there’s something unethical going on. However, you aren’t quite sure why you should care because you are taking money to the bank.

    As a merchant, why should I care how One Cause is bringing in sales?
    To put it simply, this toolbar affiliate is not only stealing sales from your other affiliates, but they are stealing sales from your own efforts as well.

    Visitor has One Cause installed--> Visitor goes to Affiliate A site--->Visitor clicks and to make purchase---> Toolbar redirects the link so the credit that should go to Affiliate A now goes to One Cause

    If that doesn’t raise your ethical bells then consider this

    Visitor has One Cause installed--->Visitor clicks on one of YOUR IN HOUSE PPC ads---> Toolbar redirects the link so not only do you pay for the PPC ad, but you pay commission to One Cause as well as any network fees.

    Let’s not forget about when a customer directly types in your URL.

    Does that sound like smart business?

    The Proof

    Haiko has put together these videos illustrating it, and Ladidah was kind enough to put this list in one place. I am adding some updates that Haiko posted.

    Direct access: overwrite affiliate cookie: flamingoworld

    overwrite affiliate cookie:

    overwrite affiliate cookie:

    PPC by 1800 flowers: merchant adwords clicked, cookie stuffed
    1800 flowers ->

    Serps by 1800 flowers:

    merchant adwords clicked, cookie stuffed
    landsend ->

    affiliate and priceline

    affiliate and EBAY

    affiliate ppc campaign (couponmountain) and Walmart

    Serps results to affiliate and JCPenney

    Serps results to affiliate, and Apple (cookied twice)

    PPC by merchant Tigerdirect
    Serps through affiliate site to Tigerdirect

    Serps results to affiliate and Cartoon Networks

    Serps result to affiliate and Staples

    Affiliate and American Blinds Wallpaper

    Affiliate and Macy's

    Affiliate and Polo


    Affiliate and Peapod

    Peapod 11/24

    Peapod affiliate overwrite

    PPC Bluefly

    Affiliate and Dell
    overwriting CJ cookie?

    Affiliate and circuit city

    Affiliate Serps Travelocity

    PPC FAO Schwarz

    Affiliate Appscout and FAO Schwarz

    PPC Blue Nile

    Affiliate komonews and Orbitz

    PPC Zazzle

    PPC Snapfish

    Direct type in to merchant Marriott

    Serps results Omaha Steaks

    Serps results for

    Direct type in to merchant Frontgate

    Direct type in to merchant Gap

    Direct type in to

    Direct type in to merchant

    PPC to merchant

    PPC to merchant

    Serps to

    Affiliate Shopzilla to Austad

    PPC Brook Brothers
    Sponsored Links Brook Brothers

    PPC Avon

    PPC by Avon Affiliate

    PPC by JCPenney
    PPC by BabiesRUs
    PPC by Walmart

    Overwriting amazon with Piperlime

    PPC Blockbuster

    PPC by A and E

    Serps by QVC

    PPC by Leapfrog

    Holiday Inn

    Affiliate and Baby Universe

    Affiliate flamingoworld and Plow and Hearth
    Serps by Plow and Hearth

    Affiliate and Wynn Hotels

    Affiliate SunshineRewards and Mrs Beasley

    PPC Hickory Farms

    PPC LandsEnd

    PPC Sephora

    PPC MyTwinn

    Affiliate TVtopten and Nutrasystem

    PPC Office Depot


    Affiliate slickdeals and Bloomingdales

    Zazzle throug PPC, direct access 365gear through coupon site

    Zazzle through Affiliate awesomewreckage

    PPC to Affiliate to links

    Gap - Piperlime


    David Cookies


    Dicks 12/4 -

    Eastbay 12/1 -

    Eastbay 12/2 -

    As a merchant, what can I do about it?

    The easiest thing is to drop the affiliate. You keep your program clean. You keep your affiliates happy. And you don’t have to worry about paying another party for sales that you would have already gotten.

    If you really want to stand up and make a difference then drop the Network you have your affiliate program on and choose to work with a more ethical one. Why would you work with a network that not only supports this behavior, but is also a part of the parent company who is responsible for this toolbar?

    This is a big deal! With a membership base of over 500,000, if you are working with One Cause, you will be effected.


    Close this thread and point merchants to it. No chit chatting unless you want to edit this post because I made an error. This was written on the fly so if there are any errors or omissions I want it fixed.

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    Thank you for taking the time to do this ProWebAddict. Closing the thread as you noted. Keep it clean here.
    Deborah Carney

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