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    Spying on the Content Network ??
    Hi guys,

    Been searching for software that spys on ads in the Adwords content network. I don't think Spyfu, Compete or Keyword Discovery does this (or am I wrong)?

    If you know of such a software or service, post it here..


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    I'm not aware of any such services. (The thread title is confusing -- you're not actually asking someone to "spy on" users' activity while viewing sites in the Content Network -- you're asking for reports on who advertises, in what positions, on some group of Google Content Network sites.)

    I'm not sure how someone would monitor this. With Google and the Search Network, the tool can execute searches to determine which advertisers' ads appear. To monitor Content Network, there's an extra layer: the tool would need to visit each web site or each page, to determine which advertisers' ads appear. Since there are millions of Content Network sites, this would be a huge task.

    I assume it could be done, if the advertiser specified a list of specific sites to monitor. In that situation, the tool should probably look at more than just Google ads, and include other ads also -- but then I forsee some problems with the tool generating an unreasonable number of clicks on Content Network sites, thereby skewing the site's reporting statistics if the site's ad networks or internal reporting cannot exclude this bot traffic.

    Alternatively, the advertiser might provide some keywords, and the tool/service could monitor the first NN Content Network sites which appear in search results for those keywords. (Since many Content Network sites draw marginal traffic, the tool might also need to access traffic-estimator data in order to include only sites with meaningful traffic, but depending on the settings chosen, that would increase the activity level substantially.)

    Then the service would need to execute the keyword searches, and then check each organic-result page to see if it carries Content Network ads, to compile the list to be checked.

    It could be done, but I don't know if anyone actually does it.

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