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    One Big site vs small ones
    Up to now I have always created a site around a niche, so for instance if it was cell phones

    I would do sony site

    I would do tmobile site


    this has always worked well for me, but I have found that to determine if other markets are doing well, it would be nice to have one large site you know with everything on it a bit like a coupon site. This way I can see what is selling in each category and then create individual sites around the ones performing and leave the ones that arent.

    This way, I save myself time and hassle creating

    1 site for electronics
    1 site for clothing
    1 site for shoes
    1 site for etc.. etc..

    Whats your thoughts on it folks?

    I know many of you have and run large coupon based sites ( something I have not got into ) do you think having 1 large site which you can use for testing out new markets and products is good instead of creating a site around a product and niche

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    There's all kinds of way of doing it and what you described can work as well. I have a big coupon/deal site and do maybe something along those lines. Sometimes I notice something working or a merchant and I dig deeper and come up with stuff. I do PPC to my main site on products or ideas and test it out and if I find something, might do something bigger with it. I always go to my main site because people might get there because of A, B or C and look around and see coupons and come back in the future for that. Also, little off topic, found some great ideas, niches by going thru my site search and looking at what people are searching for.

    Those big shopping type sites can be pretty versatile and you can come up with ideas to jump other sites off.

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    Yep, I think I might do that.. i have always avoided creating the large all in one sites but it could be good as you say.

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    Good and bad aspects to both. You will have better luck with the search engines if your site is more focused, but you might get your visitors to look around and bookmark your site if they come in for one thing and see they can shop for many other things. I think small sites are good for one and done PPC targeting while big sites are better for long-term growth and repeat visitors.
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    I do not have experience with coupon sites, but I do know that, as others have stated, it is much easier to rank in the SERPs with a theme-based nich site than it is with a site that is very broad.

    If you want to find out what is selling best in your nich (say, cellphones), you could try creating a site that covers a variety of products within your nich. Instead of creating a different site for each company (Sony, T-mobile, ect.), you could create one site that contains all these companys.

    This would be small enough where you would not have too hard of a time optimizing it and yet would be large enough to see which one of your merchants is selling best.

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    I do both! I have sites for individual products, as well as a couple of sites called (name of niche) that collect various products together.

    Both work and I get better exposure.


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