I like the hype of it all becaue it brings attention to shopping, gets people excited. But Green Monday, as it's called, gets no love even tho it's Cyber Monday's daddy. $150 million more was spent on Green Monday than Cyber Monday.

5 biggest online shopping days last year, in millions:

Monday, December 10 $880.8
Tuesday, December 11 $818.6
Thursday, December 6 $802.6
Wednesday, December 5 $797.7
Tuesday, December 4 $776.2


This monday coming up, based on past years numbers, should be the biggest online spending day of the whole year. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, don't even come in the top 5.

I noticed some merchants sending out links and promotions for that day, a lot of GSI merchants but not many more. Couldn't even find any banner links for the busiest shopping day of the year.

Maybe next year.